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Harmony College 2015


Harmony College

It’s more than education

It’s a unique barbershop experience!

More Choice, More Activity, More Fun!

Whether you’re new to barbershop or you’ve been a barbershopper for over 30 years, Harmony College is certain to appeal to everyone. For one of the friendliest learning experiences in barbershop, you really must join us. Read the prospectus, select your stream and enrol.

Comfortable Single En-suite Accommodation

Chorus Stream
Provides the opportunity to sing throughout the weekend. If you want to experience singing in a large chorus, learn new songs plus receive top class coaching, this stream is for you.

Personal Development
This new stream offers a variety of short courses, typically 1 to 3 hours long, designed to help everyone extend their knowledge and enhance their existing skills. It enables you to create an individual learning programme that suits your needs and interests.

Quartet Stream
For male, female & mixed quartets - this is an opportunity to improve and learn from some of the best coaches. Offers up to eleven hours of hands-on coaching and four hours of quartet related break-out activity.

Attractive Modern Campus with Free Parking

Directing Stream
For beginners, assistants, section leaders or advanced front line directors. It aims to unravel the true scope of the director’s role within a chorus and provide insight into what it takes to stand in front of a chorus.


Extreme Quartets
If you want the challenge of learning 6 new songs and then singing them in different quartets, this full weekend stream is for you. There is a maximum of 48 singers on this stream, so registrations will be on a first come first served basis. Go to to book.

More general sessions have been included in the programme, to allow everyone to learn from our visiting educators. These are designed to enhance your weekend experience. In addition, there will be three breakout sessions over the weekend offering at least 7 one-hour courses designed to appeal to all students, covering a variety of interesting topics. These do not have to be pre-booked.

Everyone Welcome
We welcome non-BABS’ members, over 80 ladies attended the 2013 college, and time will be allocated for them to meet up again this year to rehearse as a chorus, for a performance on the Saturday evening College Show.

Great Company, Good Food & Hospitality

College Timetable
As last year the College will start at 10.30 on Friday This will enable a number of people to travel to Nottingham on that morning, to help towards keeping the cost down of attending. The Thursday bed & breakfast option is still available and anyone taking this option will be able to attend an exclusive warm-up session on the Friday morning before the College officially opens. Also the bar will be open on Thursday evening with plenty of time to relax, socialise and sing!

Outstanding Value
You not only get excellent training and coaching, you get great facilities, good food, a high level of camaraderie, a private bar with guest beers and of course plenty of time to sing. If you are staying overnight, you also get en-suite accommodation with free wi-fi in each bedroom

Closing Dates for Enrolment

Quartet Coaching Stream: 20th July
Other Streams: 1st August
One-Day options: 13th August

The Extreme Quartet Stream
needs to be booked separately on the website and has a closing date of the 30th June to allow time for the learning of all 6 songs.

Sign up.   Join in.   Enjoy!