BABS SingSeptember Competition 3, Barbershop Look-Alike Competition!

Have you ever thought you or a barbershop companion were the spitting image of a well know celebrity or similarly high profile person? Well our latest #SingSeptember competition is for you! We’re simply looking for the best barbershop lookalike. The winner will receive an Antoine Kaisermann Teach Track from his website up to value of £50.

The Winner

Thanks again to all those of you who entered the Competition and we had an excellent response. But as always, it’s been tough to pick just one winner!

But in the end, we really couldn’t tell the difference between Andy Foster and Phil Collins.

So congratulations to Andy, who wins the voucher.

And we’ve also chosen two runners up, who will also win SOVT straws (please contact us if we don’t have your address).

Joe’s story, that accompanied his entry, was absolutely fantastic so please read that below!

"This competition feels rather like a long time coming for me and I shall explain why. At 2018 BABS quartet prelims I was competing for the first time with LockLuster, a quartet that no longer exists. Looking through the Order of Appearance for the quartets we noticed some minor typos that we found slightly amusing (e.g. Simom Arnott). This led to even more confusion when we looked at the singers' names of the quartet, which does still exist, Silver Street. In a bizarre moment of coincidence we found that their bass' name very much sounded like if I were trying to think up a fake name but had absolutely no creativity... "No I'm not Joe Nelson I--I'm Joel Nulsen?". But alas this wasn't a typo this was in fact another bass with a strikingly similar name to me. Then to only add to the strangeness of the day, by sheer coincidence, I had to go to the toilet and missed Silver Street's prelims set, leaving my quartet-mates to the sheer horror that was finding out Joel Nulsen actually looked a considerable amount like me. We're both very close to the same height and we generally look alike except he is in much better shape than me. Through a bizarre turn of events, Joe Nelson and Joel Nulsen weren't seen in the same room together until the following convention where I confronted him about stealing my identity and we laughed."

Booking for this event has now closed.