SingSeptember is a national campaign taking place in September 2020.

This initiative is designed to help spread the word about Barbershop Singing in Britain. It will be run throughout the month of September and the BABS Marketing Department will run a nationwide campaign. There will be something planned on every day of September.

The BABS Board of Directors are hoping every club will participate in this campaign in any way they can, no matter how big or small.

SingSeptember can help your club to:

  • Find new members
  • Grow your audiences
  • Encourage new talent
  • Reignite musical passion and persuade someone to find their unused voice
  • Raise your group profile
  • Help engage more with your local community
  • Take your music to those less able to access it
  • Provide a learning experience for young and old alike

But most of all, it will be fun for all involved!

SingSeptember 2020 will be an online initiative and we will launch the nationwide SingSeptember in 2021.

A Kind of Magic are the current UK Mixed Chorus champions after winning the competition run by the British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS) in 2019.

A Kind of Magic sang Queen’s Somebody to love and Footloose, the 1984 hit by Kenny Loggins. As the two choirs are based at opposite sides of the UK, preparation for the competition was a challenge! Each rehearsed their own sections of the arrangements, one of which involved complex choreography. They sent each other vocal and video recordings to practise against and met up for one joint rehearsal day in Birmingham, coached by David Wright - but then didn’t meet again until the day of the competition.

A Kind Of Magic will be hosting a game of ConSINGquences with a theme of 'The Magic of Harmony'. This is an interactive live sessions and you can book your ticket below.

ConSINGquences is an hilarious opportunity to create and sing a song as a group. A Kind of Magic knows how the song starts but who knows how it will end! Who remembers playing the game of consequences by writing a line of a story folding over a piece of paper and passing it on? This is the musical version!

The idea is to build a song two lines at a time - one by one. Each of you must sing two lines that rhyme with each other (not with what’s gone before) to develop a story, in a coherent way, within the theme of The Magic of Harmony.

Helen will start the ball rolling with these lines:

"Jo wakes every morning with a song in her heart
But knows that her solo is missing a part"

What happens to Jo is up to you. Does he/she eventually find harmony? Will it be Magic? Or Mundane?

We'd like you to pre-register for this event so that we can allocate each of you with a number. You have to be ready to go as the number before you finishes their lines as we go down the list in number order.

If someone isn’t there on the night, we’ll just go to the next on the list. And if you don’t want to do it, just say ‘pass’ and it’ll go to the next person.

Who is up for a fantastic evening of fun!

ConSINGquences Zoom on Sunday 27th September is now closed.

We hope to see you at another event.