SingSeptember is a national campaign taking place in September 2020.

This initiative is designed to help spread the word about Barbershop Singing in Britain. It will be run throughout the month of September and the BABS Marketing Department will run a nationwide campaign. There will be something planned on every day of September.

The BABS Board of Directors are hoping every club will participate in this campaign in any way they can, no matter how big or small.

SingSeptember can help your club to:

  • Find new members
  • Grow your audiences
  • Encourage new talent
  • Reignite musical passion and persuade someone to find their unused voice
  • Raise your group profile
  • Help engage more with your local community
  • Take your music to those less able to access it
  • Provide a learning experience for young and old alike

But most of all, it will be fun for all involved!

SingSeptember 2020 will be an online initiative and we will launch the nationwide SingSeptember in 2021.

At a British Quartet Champions Chorus rehearsal back in November 2017, four experienced Barbershop singers of the older persuasion found themselves relegated to a dark corner during a break. “Where did the time go, isn’t it strange? “, they mused. “What is left to achieve?” Aha! To form a seniors’ quartet - what a great idea. Now here we are several months older and proud to be wearing the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2020 International Senior Quartet Silver medals. Age is no barrier to being thrilled and honoured!

Andy, Brian, Pete and Rod
One Foot in the Stave
2018 BABS Senior Quartet Champions
Barbershop Harmony Society, 2020 International Silver Medallist Quartet

Session Information

Like the story behind that rusty old tin of beans found at the back of the cupboard, One Foot in the Stave will spill the story, through an age of slides and videos, of the journey to the International Senior Silver Medal performance and  into the abyss of lockdown and the search for light at the end of the tunnel.

P.S.  If you don’t ask us questions, we won’t be able to answer them. Well, maybe we will anyway!

Click here to watch the session:

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