Steam Leader: Steve Morris, David Sangster (MD)

The Audition Process Explained

This year’s Audition Chorus Stream is being led by Steve Morris with David Sangster coaching and conducting the chorus at the event. The songs this year are ‘Sold!’ and ‘I Have Dreamed’. The Audition Chorus Stream is open to all.

Those wishing to join the Audition Chorus Stream this year must ensure they have successfully auditioned before they register and pay for the event, as they won’t be able to otherwise.

Step-by-step guide:
1. Email Steve Morris on [email protected], stating your name, preferred voice part and e-mail address.
2. Steve will reply with a link to the learning tracks and sheet music for the audition piece, and hold you a place in the chorus for fourteen days.
3. Within fourteen days, learn and practise the piece, and record yourself singing solo and send this back to Steve.
4. Steve will listen to your recording and give you some brief feedback.
5. If you are successful, you will receive a link, from the BABS Events Team (once registrations open on the 29th April), to register and pay for the Audition Chorus stream.

Upon registering for Harmony College, you will be able to access the sheet music and learning tracks for this year’s Audition Chorus songs. Please ensure you have fully learnt these when you arrive at the event.

Closing Date: 11th July 2022