Stream Leader: Liam Buswell

Open to: all experienced barbershop singers

Fancy learning 6 new songs and singing them in various quartets over the weekend?

Would you like to have a go at EQ Bingo and try to be the first to get your allocated quartet combinations ticked off?

Want to take part in the Extreme Quartet competition on Saturday afternoon in a drawn quartet?

Think you can find the most random, extreme or unusual place to sing with a quartet?

Want to sing into the wee small hours at one of the most popular barbershop events of the year?

If you have answered “yes” to the above and are an experienced singer, able to accurately learn your part for 6 songs and hold your own in numerous quartets with like-minded people, then the Extreme Quartet Stream is for you!!

This year marks 10 years since the introduction of extreme quartetting at Harmony College and all of this year's songs are brand new additions to the EQ and Harmony Brigade repertoire. We will also have access to this year's guest educator prior to the EQ contest, so you could be randomly selected for some coaching under glass too.

It is recommended (though not essential) that any newcomers to the Extreme Quartet Stream arrive on the Thursday evening.

We'd love to see you there - sign up now as places are limited!

Closing Date: 11th July 2022