Theo Hicks is our guest educator this year and will be sharing his expertise over three 45 minute sessions:

Resonance Matching: "There is No Placement... Only Vowels!"

Come dive into the world of vowels and resonance matching!  Instant Classic has used this method to approach ensemble blend and balance since 2013, and Theo has gone on with further research in his dissertation writing to understand why resonance matching works and explore effective techniques and exercises to help master the art of resonance matching. 

Compelling Performance: Do I Need to "Tell the Story" to be a Great Performer?

Come find out... The answer may surprise you!

 Voce Vista - Getting a Picture of the Barbershop Sound

In this session, we'll explore some of the basic acoustics of sound as they relate to singing.  Using Voce Vista, we'll get a picture (literally) of how "lock and ring" works, and how to apply the knowledge to form your own philosophy of sound, whether you're considering an entire chorus or a singular voice.  

Closing Date: 11th July 2022