Why is QuartetCon 2020 being cancelled now?

After careful consideration of the options and ramifications, and having the members well-being and safety at the forefront of our minds, BABS has made the decision to cancel QuartetCon 2020.  

The BABS Board has agonised long and hard over this decision and have studied the legal and financial impacts. A virtual contest, postponement, and many other solutions have been considered but ultimately ruled out as unsafe since they could potentially make members feel that they should gather to rehearse in preparation. 

2020 Youth Quartet Contest 

The 2020 Youth Quartet Contest has been cancelled in accordance with BABS's decision regarding QuartetCon 2020.

We know how hard singers have worked to prepare for this year's events, and that now many will age out of the contest before Sing 2021. Due to this, we will extend the age limit to 26 and under for the 2020 Youth Quartet Contest only. Subsequent events will revert back to a maximum age of 25 and under. 

BinH Mixed Quartet Contest 

The 2020 BinH Mixed Quartet Contest was due to be held at QuartetCon 2020. However, we are now unable to hold it at this time as QuartetCon has been cancelled.

We are in discussion with the other societies to find the best way forward and will update you as soon as we know more.

How will it work at Sing 2021?

We are still working out the full details and timings for Sing 2021 however we envisage the first round of the 2020 International Quartet Qualification Contest, the 2020 Youth Quartet Contest and the 2020 Senior Quartet Contest taking place on the Friday with the BinH Mixed Quartet and the second round of the 2020 International Quartet Qualification Contest taking place on the Sunday.

We will update you when we have finalised the arrangements for Sing 2021.