In 1999 Alan was dragged, fairly reluctantly it must be said, to a Lincoln BHC rehearsal - and his life changed overnight! After singing with Lincoln proved insufficient to satisfy all his barbershop needs, he retired from full-time employment in 2004 to allow more time for those activities. Currently he directs the Harmony Lincs chorus and is chairman of the Grand Central Chorus, and also sings in an enjoyable but non-competing quartet. Since 2014 he has served as the Finance Vice-president of the World Harmony Council, working to enable the development of barbershop harmony around the world.

He has been involved in BABS for a number of years, having been Chairman and then Music Services Director, but at present he restricts himself to just being the Education Manager for Harmony College. This role facilitates the recruitment of HC faculty, obtains the music and teach media for all streams, compiles the Break-out sessions and tries to ensure that the educational aspect of the College runs smoothly.