Alastair was introduced to barbershop in 1986 by Nigel Wears former MD of White Rose Barbershop Singers. He spent his first night being sung to by 3 members of Limited Company in the pub and it didn’t put him off. He heard Hallmark of Harmony singing and decided it was the chorus for him and he joined and sang in 1987 at his first Convention. He subsequently moved a few times and has sung with Nottingham Gateway and Spirit of Harmony.

Whilst at Hallmark he became friends with John Grant and because of this John asked Alastair to help him digitize everything they could get their hands on to build up the BABS archive. Cassettes, videos, dat tapes, reel 2 reel tapes and loads of scanning were done to get it to where it is today.

In the summer of 2011 there was an advert in Harmony Express to have a go with the Contest and Judging Team. He applied to join the CA Team (Chris Tideman was CD – he had known him from his times with Hallmark) and Chris invited Alastair to prelims. He went and enjoyed the day and joined the category after this, his first Convention being Southport 2012.

Since that time he has held many positions with Contest Admin, including director, and he is currently the Male Chorus Contest Manager.