Ali has been involved with music for as long as she can remember, with piano, flute and singing lessons from an early age, entering competitions and eisteddfods, singing solos, duets with her sisters and her mum accompanying them on the piano. They loved spending family time singing around the piano – and thought they should be called the Von-Jack family!

Ali was first introduced to Barbershop in 1986 singing baritone before moving to the tenor section. In 1995, with four friends, they formed a new group and Fascinating Rhythm was born. Ali has held various roles over the years in Fascinating Rhythm, from Membership Secretary, Musical Director and is now the Chorus Manager and Tenor Section Leader.

Ali has also sung tenor in the mixed group Planet 24, Jigsaw quartet, and the LABBS gold medallist quartet Havoc. She is currently the membership secretary in The Bristol Mix and is also very lucky (work permitting!) to be part of the music team in a girls group; Junior Fascinating Rhythm, aged 7-16.

Most of Ali’s work is behind the scenes but in May and August you will find her at the ‘smooth running’ convention reception desk with her team of helpers and the Harmony College reception desk.

Luckily Ali’s partner, Peter ‘nooj’, is also heavily involved with singing, but when they are home in South Gloucestershire, come rain or shine, they are out with their two golden retrievers Tzuke and Kaia.

When Ali is not singing (or walking!) she works at the University of the West of England, Bristol, in Space Management.