Alistair Lamyman

[email protected]

Alistair is relatively new to barbershop, starting his journey by singing something called "a tag" in a friends living room, before then going on to be a founding member of the Humber Harmony Chorus back  in 2018.  Since moving to London, he now sings with Meantime Chorus, and acts as their Chorus Treasurer.  He has always taken a keen interest in politics, so the past few years have been a fascinating experience for him, and he is always happy to talk someone's ear off about it (if they'll let him). When not engaged in matters of state, you'll often find him in the kitchen making far too much food, strolling around Farthing Downs, or hanging out at his second home, the National Liberal Club.

Having worked closely with the Board for the past couple of years, first in capacity as Grants Secretary and later as Board Secretary, he is honored to be stepping up to the role of Administration Director. He is committed to ensuring that as many members can engage with the work of BABS as possible, and is excited to be a part of the team that will bring together barbershop singing in the UK, by playing a key role in the merger of LABBS & BABS.