Alistair is relatively new to barbershop, starting his journey as a founding member of the Humber Harmony Chorus in 2018. Since then,  and now singing with Meantime Chorus. He has however been musical since a young age, having done musical theatre since 2004. He has always taken a keen interest in politics, so the past few years have been a fascinating experience for him, and he is always happy to talk someone's ear off about it (if they'll let him). When not engaged in matters of state, you'll often find him in the kitchen making far too much food, strolling around Farthing Downs, or getting ready for his next Freemasons meeting (he can't tell you much about that last one though).
His role at BABS is two fold. The first part, as Grants Secretary,  involves liaising with individuals and choruses who want to apply for grant funding from Harmony Foundation, which can be used for various barbershop purposes. This will mainly focus around grants available for Harmony College, but the Foundation have also offered funding for chorus directors to attend Harmony University, or for quartets to travel to International Convention in order to represent BABS. If you have any questions about Harmony Foundation, or wish to apply for funding, please do get in touch with Alistair.
In addition, he is also the Board Secretary, which involves taking minutes for the BABS Board, ensuring they are able to carry out their duties and actions to the best of their ability.