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Aurélie is a doctoral researcher at the music department of SOAS University of London. Their research is concerned with gender in barbershop singing from an ethnomusicological point of view. She sings with London City Singers, Endeavour Chorus, and Peridot quartet - and is a fervent Harmony Brigader.

"Why DEI&B is important to me...

I have experienced first-hand the incredible power that barbershop harmony has in bringing people together and I want to make sure that no external factor keeps that magic from happening. The complex history of our genre and the systemic context of the society in which we live both directly influence the way our community functions - not always for the better. So, I want to ensure that everyone can access our style of music and enjoy singing together in a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment."

Aurélie Gandour (she/they),

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging