Sing2022 29th April to 1st May 2022

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We want you to enjoy the event in the knowledge that the measures put in place will help you and everyone else stay safe, and also remind you of the part you can play in achieving that. This document, therefore, provides you with information regarding our expectations of all attendees with regards to our COVID safety protocols. Please note these are subject to change.

We will be taking several measures to keep you, our volunteers, and the venue staff safe and healthy. Please read below for full details, but in summary:

  • All attendees will need to confirm their Covid-19 status to gain entry to the venue, through either:
  • Proof of a negative lateral flow test result
  • Proof of full vaccination
  • Proof of natural immunity
  • This is compulsory for entry, and further details are provided below.
  • We are encouraging all attendees to wear face coverings. This is not compulsory and your decision will be respected.
  • We will have further safety measures in place, including ventilation, sanitisation, cashless payments and where possible, social distancing.

Section 1: Confirming your Covid-19 Status

All attendees (including competitors, volunteers, venue staff, and spectators) will need to confirm their Covid-19 status to enter the venue, through one of the following three methods: 

Proof of a negative NHS Rapid Lateral Flow Test, with such test to be taken less than 24 hours prior to the event, to be presented on arrival at the venue. You will need to demonstrate your negative NHS Lateral Flow Test result by showing us one of the following:

Text or email confirmation of your result, OR

Using the NHS Covid Pass, available through the NHS App, OR

A letter that can be requested by calling NHS 119 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) or Scotland 0300 303 2713.

Proof of full vaccination, i.e. both doses received with the second at least 14 days prior to arrival at the venue, to be presented on arrival at the venue.

Please use the NHS Covid Pass to show your vaccination status, which can be accessed through the NHS App or the NHS website and downloaded as a PDF or sent to you in an email. You can get your NHS Covid Pass here: 

You may also present a paper version of your vaccination status sent to you in the post. You do not need to be registered with a GP surgery or have an NHS login for this. You can get a letter (within 5 working days) by calling NHS 119 or online here: 

Proof of natural immunity, based upon a positive PCR test within 180 days of arrival at the venue, and after the 10-day self-isolation period following the result. 

Please use the NHS Covid Pass, via the NHS App or Website, to show your positive PCR test from within the past 6 months, after you’ve finished self-isolating and up to 180 days after taking the test.

Section 2: Face coverings

As mentioned, we are encouraging all attendees to wear a face covering but it is not compulsory - your decision will be respected.

We do not expect performers on stage to wear face coverings whilst performing.

Section 3: Further Safety Measures

Ventilation:  The venue’s air handling system will operate at full power, regardless of attendance.


Card payments will be the preferred method of payment at the venue

Hand sanitising stations are located around the venue. 

The venue will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly by venue staff

Social distancing:

Whilst there won’t be allocated seating, we encourage audience members to socially distance in terms of where they choose to sit, wherever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve been to other venues that don’t require Covid19 status certification on entry, why are you requiring this? 

The safety of our customers and staff is a priority and we also want everyone to feel as safe as possible. We believe that Covid-19 status certification is an easy way for everyone to help protect each other when mask wearing and social distancing may not be possible or practical at busy events. 

What if I don’t want to provide confirmation of my Covid-19 status, or forget to bring it with me? 

You will not be allowed to enter the event, and there will be no exceptions. 

I don’t understand how to get a Covid-19 Pass or to prove my Covid status? 

All the information you need is available on the government’s website here 

Should I come to the event if I have Covid-19 symptoms or have recently been in close contact with someone with Covid-19? 

If you have any Covid-19 symptoms please do not come to our event. 

What happens if I get Covid-19 symptoms at the event? 

Please find a member of staff and let them know - we ask that you leave the event immediately, and will be able to provide somewhere away from audience members if you need to wait for a taxi or to be picked up. 

How clean and safe is the venue? 

We have rigorous cleaning procedures and safety measures in place, and high contact surfaces are cleaned regularly. 

Can I take a test at the venue? 

No, we do not have capacity for audience members to take a test at our venues.