Directors Academy

The BABS Board is committed to providing opportunities for our Music Directors to develop their skills, with Directors Academy being the main vehicle to achieve this.

Directors Academy is open to all Front Line BABS Directors. Our main event is a weekend, not to be missed, where you can join your fellow front line BABS directors for an exclusive weekend of developing skills, networking, friendship and song.

All BABS MD's have received an invitation to the 2021 BABS Directors Academy Online on 16th January 2021. This will be a one-day event this year aimed at Front-LineDirectors or Assistants, where the Front-Line Director cannot attend. If you have not received your invitation, please contact [email protected]

Guest Educators

Greg Clancy 

Greg has more Gold Medals than anybody else in the Barbershop Harmony Society History! Eleven of them as a singer with the Vocal Majority, 2 as Director of the Vocal Majority and 1 singing Tenor with the 2007 Quartet Champs, “MaxQ”. Click here to read more about Greg: 

Cindy Hansen Ellis

Cindy is a renowned international performance coach who has worked with endless groups in the chorus and quartet world helping many achieve Medals on the international stage. To find out more about Cindy, visit her site here: 

Linda Corcoran

Linda has led the Great Western Chorus to its last 4 Gold Medal performances. She is a vocal coach and arranger and previous Gold Medal quartet singer. To read more about Linda please click here: 

What to Expect

We will start at 2.30pm on Saturday 16th January 2021 and conclude by 8pm. There is no charge for the event, for the Front-Line Chorus Director of each BABS club (or a deputy if you cannot attend). 

Sessions will all be run via Zoom.

Don't forget to book by the 2nd January via the link on your invitation!

The BABS Board of Directors is committed to providing opportunities for our chorus directors to develop their skills.Directors Academy is one of the main initiatives designed specifically for you and I really hope that you can be there.