Pat Perridge

Pat has been singing barbershop for the past twelve years, having walked past a Learn to Sing flyer outside a Reading solicitor's office several times before finally succumbing and dialling the number!  Soon after completing the course, the 'newbies' were invited to take part in a concert, singing the one and only song that they knew.  The sound of singing from the centre of a full chorus was intoxicating, and so his love of barbershop began.

Pat has held numerous roles within his own club, Thames Valley Chorus, and after standing down at the end of his term as chairman there, he applied for and was accepted as BABS Administration Director.  His first task was to consider the nature of our corporate structure and constitution, and this has led to proposed changes which he is working towards implementing over the next year, which will bring about efficiencies and streamlined processes.  Pat is now retired from his role as an HR director in various kinds of international service business groups, and enjoys singing, his work on behalf of BABS and walking both with family and friends and organised groups.