Peter Bryant
[email protected]

Peter’s first experience of BABS was the 2006 Convention in Harrogate where, on his 11th birthday, he saw the Ambassadors of Harmony and Vocal Spectrum in concert. That’s probably the best introduction to barbershop one could have hoped for, and Peter has been living the life of a dedicated barbershopper ever since.

He joined Hallmark of Harmony in 2007, and has since won a number of medals with them including Gold in 2014 and 2019. After moving to university in York, he joined Spirit of Harmony, and is now their Musical Director. He also has a long and varied quartetting career which includes winning 2 National Youth Quartet championships, and representing the UK at the International Next Generation quartet contest in 2018 with 4 On Demand. He now sings tenor with Limelight and lead with Apollo II. Outside barbershop, Peter works as a software engineer for a digital consultancy in York.

His role as Director of Membership means Peter’s main job is to look after BABS’ over 2000 members, and to help the organisation grow. He believes strongly in the power of barbershop singing and is thrilled to be able to help change lives through music.