Stream Leader: Simon Arnott 
Open to: all genders, BABS members and non-members 

If you have ever fancied putting pen to paper and creating your own barbershop arrangements, then this stream is for you! 

In this stream, we will be looking at the building blocks of arranging in the barbershop style. We will cover how to arrange successfully for voices, how to choose suitable music to arrange, how to implement the hallmarks of the barbershop style and many other arranging techniques. There will be time for discussions, including how some of the greatest arrangers write, both barbershop and further afield, and how we can learn from their work to help our own; we will also look at other styles of vocal arranging and how we can apply this to barbershop ensembles. 

Some knowledge of music theory will be required to get the most out of this stream. It is also preferable to have some form of notation software. (Simon recommends ‘Sibelius First’ as it is free and he will be more likely to be able to help with this software as he also uses Sibelius! 

There are 60 places available on the Arranging Stream. 

Closing Date: 11th July 2022