Stream Leaders: Neil Firth &  Sean Bui
Open to: all genders, BABS members and non-members 


This year we intend to focus more on individual ‘practical’ development and dive more deeply into rehearsal techniques.

 You’ll learn how to: 

  • plan rehearsals effectively to meet your goals
  • evaluate the effectiveness of a rehearsal—what went well or could be done better
  • develop your listening, verbal, and non verbal communication skills in order to quickly solve musical issues
  • prioritise as a director
  • keep rehearsals fast paced by maximising singing time
  • get the best sound from your chorus by improving individual singers and sections
  • improve your directing skills so the chorus will instantly improve
  • put a new song together—from the sheet music to risers
  • position singers effectively to maximise the quality of your chorus sound
  • analyse a song in order to get the best out of the music and the arrangement 

And so much more…

Many of our usual leadership and basic directing technique sessions will take place in the breakout sessions this year to allow more time to develop individual practical skills during stream time.

All previous attendees are invited to return for a completely new experience.

If you want to develop your ‘hands on’ teaching, coaching, and directing skills in front of your chorus, then this stream is for you.

See you there!

Neil & Sean

Closing Date: 11th July 2022