Stream Leader: Rod Butcher
Open to: all genders, BABS members and non-members, in an existing quartet

This Stream is designed to provide focussed coaching to quartets, whether established or novice, male, female or mixed, and whether they compete or not.

You will be coached in a pod of two or three quartets with an equal number of dedicated specialist coaches. Coaching will be tailored to the quartet’s needs and will cover many aspects that will help you be a better quartet. The stream will offer up to eleven hours of hands-on coaching and four hours of related break-out or communal quartet-related activity.

Whatever the standard of your quartet, it will be with a coaching team who will best be able to help you to improve.

This year the stream will be available to quartets who can get together in the same room, safely* and be coached over Zoom by one of our team of top coaches.

There are no songs for this stream, as your quartet will be coached using your pre-existing repertoire.

This means individuals have already received their vaccinations or who have established immunity by being in the same “bubble.” BABS does not assume responsibility for individuals who do not conform to this prerequisite.

There are 5 slots available for quartets.

Closing Date: 31st July 2021