Liam has been singing barbershop since 2007 when he joined Shannon Express chorus and went on to become their Baritone Section leader.

He started extreme quartetting in 2013 and hasn't looked back since.  Aside from participating in the majority of Extreme Quartet (EQ) streams at Harmony College, he has also attended numerous UK and European Harmony Brigades since their inception in 2015.  As an advocate of mixed quartet singing, in 2019 he took part in the inaugural USA Mixed Harmony Brigade in Boston, Massachusetts.

Liam has also sung in a number of mixed choruses including Southern Acappella, EQ Rendezvous - where he won a bronze medal in the World Mixed Championships in Munich in 2018 – and Endeavour Chorus, winning silver at the UK Mixed Chorus Competition in 2019.  However, his real passion is quartetting and he has competed a number of times in various line-ups, most recently with fellow brigaders in mixed quartet Ad Astra at QuarterCon in Sheffield. In true 'extreme' quartet fashion, they only started rehearsals the day before contest!

He is a member of the UK Harmony Brigade committee, sits on the EHB Music Team and, after jointly running the Harmony College EQ stream last time around, is looking forward to being part of the faculty this year.

If Liam spots you in an afterglow, don't expect to be going anywhere until you've sung "Just One More" with him!