BABS Local Hero Award

Awarded to a club member of BABS who, over a significant period of time, has made a significant and distinguished contribution to their club or region at a local level. This could be for artistic or administrative contributions, with the guiding principle that the recipient has made a lasting difference to the club or region, its members, and/or the local community. 

Award: Framed certificate, pin badge, listing on the BABS website.

Receiving the award: Two options outlined below. As this award may be presented unexpectedly, the nominator will be contacted to discuss the best way of presenting the award.

  1. At the Annual BABS Convention, presented by the Chairman with assistance from the Director of Membership.
  2. At a member club event such as a regular rehearsal, club show or club celebration. Either sent via post or presented by a BABS Trustee.

Nominations: sent in confidence to the Director of Membership by a committee member of the club - preferably Club Chairman, unless the Club Chairman is the nominee. The nominator should describe the level of service and commitment the nominee has shown to the club or region, and for how long for.

Awarding panel: BABS Board of Trustees.

Examples: Some examples of individuals deserving of this award could include:

  • Someone who has had a large impact on the formation and continued success of their club
  • Someone who has undertaken significant and impactful work in bringing barbershop to a wider audience in their community
  • Someone who has collaborated with other performing groups in their area to have a significant and lasting impact upon barbershop in their region

What makes this different to a National Barbershopper of the Year award? Whilst the contributions may be similar, the differentiator for a Local Hero Award is that the contribution has occurred over a significant period of time. 

What makes this different to an Induction into the BABS Hall of Fame? The Hall of Fame is reserved for those who have made a considerable impact to the Association as a whole, at a National and/or International level. This award is for someone who has had a considerable impact on their club at a local and/or regional level. Think deep for this award, and broad for the Hall of Fame award.

BABS Local Hero Award Winners

2021 Roy Hann
In recognition of his significant and distinguished contribution to The Kingsmen and the South Devon region over 30 years.