Peter, known more affectionately as ‘Nooj’, has been singing barbershop ever since a fateful evening in 1993 as an audience member of the TV show – You Bet!  One of his old friends was on the show as a contestant, collecting golf balls in a knee pouch whilst racing a motorbike around a racetrack at 120 miles per hour……… strange but true. Whilst there, he got to see the barbershop quartet ‘Island Engagement’ served up as a forfeit for the legendary rugby player ’Gareth Chilcott’ to sing with. Peters jaw dropped in awe at the wonderful ringing sound (of the quartet – not Gareth Chilcott!) and it has remained open – a life changing moment and he hasn’t been the same since then!

Peter loves to sing in quartet and is proud to be in the current BHS World Champion Silver Medal Seniors quartet ‘One Foot In The Stave’. He has 3 BABS National Gold Medals and has won international medals in male and mixed quartets in European International Barbershop competitions as well as National competitions in Spain and Ireland. Amongst Peter’s barbershop highlights, he has sung baritone with MaleVox, ‘The Cambridge Chord Company’ and ‘The Great Western Chorus’.

As well as being the baritone in ‘One Foot In The Stave’, he is proud to be the Music Director of the LABBS chorus, Black Sheep Harmony, which he considers to be the best (unpaid) job in the world! He is also currently singing in ‘The Bristol Mix’ – Bristol’s mixed A Cappella Chorus and ‘P45’ – a 7 piece mixed vocal ensemble.

On the education front, Peter is a faculty member of BABS harmony college and also an active Quartet and Chorus coach

In the real world Peter lives with his partner Alison – also an avid barbershop singer and champion in her own right.  He is a recording engineer specialising in recording A Cappella groups and also a part-time postman.