Harmony College

Harmony College is a residential education weekend with barbershop music at its core. Now in its 41st year, each year we welcome around 300 delegates who immerse themselves in barbershop for the weekend.

First Class Education

Harmony College provides some of the best education for singers in the UK. The faculty of educators is made up from a wealth of talent from the UK and the USA. No other organisation provides such an opportunity to develop your skills in a variety of different disciplines whilst enjoying a relaxed and friendly weekend together.

Everyone Welcome

No matter your gender or age, or whether you are a member of BABS or not, you will be made very welcome at Harmony College.

Options to Suit You

You can choose to stay residentially, in University Halls of Residence or non-residentially to suit your needs.

Important Dates

Saturday 6th June 12 Noon: BABS Harmony College Audition Chorus audition piece released and auditions open 

Saturday 4th July: BABS Harmony College Registrations open

Midnight Saturday 3rd October: BABS Harmony College Audition Chorus auditions end

Midnight Sunday 4th October: BABS Harmony College Audition Chorus & Extreme Quartet registrations close

Midnight Sunday 18th October: BABS Harmony College Quartet registrations close

Midnight Sunday 1st November: BABS Harmony College College Chorus registrations close, Polo Shirt ordering closes

Midnight Sunday 2nd November: BABS Harmony College Youth Stream, arranging stream, Personal Development & Directing (non-residential) registrations close

Midnight Sunday 15th November: BABS Harmony College Residential option closes

Friday 27th November: BABS Harmony College College commences!