Helen is a Music graduate from The University of Bristol and it's during her time there that she found barbershop. She joined TUBBS (The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers) and fell in love with the art form and the people, and soon after competed in her first ever quartet, Patchwork (UK champs 2013). Since then she's thrown herself into barberlife, and she is interim Musical Director of Region 31 chorus Viva Acappella, lead of 2018 LABBS champion quartet Avalon, tenor of 2018 BinH mixed champion quartet Scramble, a relatively newly qualified BABS Performance judge, a teach track creator and a performance coach! Outside barbershop ("where even is that?") she is a huge fan of Disney, musical theatre and Harry Potter, she lives in London with her (barbershopper) fiancé James, and she works in a central London classical music venue, project-managing key print materials such as their season brochures.
In autumn 2019, she qualified as a BABS Performance judge and her first time on the 'real' panel was 2019 prelims. "It was fantastic! I feel utterly privileged to have the best seats in the house for our competitions and love seeing what everyone puts on stage."