Jérémy is a Data Analyst and Control Room Supervisor for ITM Power in the growing Hydrogen industry and has been singing with Hallmark of Harmony for the past 6 years and sings with a few quartets. He came across barbershop for the first time at Manchester Uni Fresher’s Fair in 2013, where he was an exchange student from Lyon (France), and that's when he heard Tagline and experienced 4 parts harmony for the first time. He joined MUBS and Mantunian Way and immediately fell in love with the art.

In 2015, he found himself flying from Lyon to Sheffield once a month from February to April to rehearse with Hallmark of Harmony and compete with them at the BHS International Convention in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, he was supposed to finish his Masters degree in History but the time and motivation he spent into his new hobby put an end to his academic career!

He then, naturally, decided to quit everything he had going on in Lyon and moved to Sheffield to learn and have more fun singing.

In his spare time (if there’s any left) he likes to cycle, run or walk in the beautiful Peak District. He also plays some musical instruments and he likes Cuban Salsa dancing.