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Here you will find a raft of useful information including documents and music to download as well as general BABS Business Information. More information will be added once we have seen what is required by our members.

Many groups like to use learning tracks to assist in learning the music by ear. Similar to the list of arrangers, there are a vast number of people creating learning tracks, a small selection are listed below:

Tim Waurick (USA)
Peter Nugent (UK)
Antoine Kaiserman (UK)
Dale Kynaston and Andy Funnell (UK)
Tim Beutel (USA)
Tony DeRosa (USA)
Michaela Johnston (USA)
Shawn Thomas (USA)
QSVP (Canada)
Aaron Dale (USA)

A lot of these learning track creators have a back-catalogue of tracks you can purchase quickly, and they also will accept commissions of new learning tracks.

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