Liz loved playing music as a child, playing the violin and trumpet in various school ensembles, and also the piano, in which she achieved grade 8. She was never invited to join the school choir, or participate in any of the singing productions, due to her inability to sing sweetly and beautifully. The belief that she couldn’t sing persisted, until 12 years ago, when she discovered barbershop and discovered that her lower range suited ladies bass, and a whole new world opened up! Liz is now doing her best to make up for lost time, singing at any available opportunity! Liz sings bass in Phoenix chorus, a Sweet Adelines Region 31 chorus, and Capella quartet, and she sings baritone in Endeavour and EQ Rendezvous mixed choruses, and Solstice mixed quartet. Liz is an avid fan of Extreme Quartetting and attending Harmony Brigades. Even enforced lockdown hasn’t dampened Liz’s enthusiasm, and she has helped a number of groups to produce polished audio/video performances from recordings after learning the dark arts of audio and video editing and mastering.

In her working life, Liz started out as an Accountant, but, after finding the systems and process side more interesting than balancing the books, she become a software application specialist for a large ERP system, specialising in the Finance modules.