At the Council meeting of 12th March 2023, the Board read the following statement:

  • Following our joint statement in 2022, the two Boards met for the second time  on 29th January 2023. 
  • The meeting was open, honest, and constructive.
  • Since the last meeting working groups have collaborated on various topics including future arrangements for mixed singing and education and judging, among others.
  • Both Boards are fully committed to ensuring that the BABS 50th Anniversary in 2024 and the LABBS 50th Anniversary in 2026 will be celebrated appropriately.  
  • There was a thorough discussion about what might be an appropriate pathway towards any future arrangements, and the Boards confirmed their commitment that any proposed changes would be put to members for consultation and ultimately voting upon. 
  • The Boards considered a draft outline for a new governance structure to be set up as a next step. This would retain the existing organisations whilst also providing a new vehicle for shared activity and closer collaboration.
  • Each Board is therefore asking members to approve the plan that the Boards obtain suitable professional advice to inform a future proposal whilst continuing to collaborate wherever possible for the benefit of our respective members.

In respect of the final point, BABS Council members subsequently agreed that the board could obtain suitable professional advice.

1st April 2023