After the success of BABS Learn! in June 2020, Harmony College Online and Directors Academy Online, we are once again bringing you a fantastic weekend of online education with BABS Learn! on March 6th and 7th 2021. You will be familiar with some of the faces and sessions on offer, but most will be new faces bringing completely new content.

Programme of Events

Saturday 6th March 2021

1100 - 1145 Time with the Judges - 1 (C&J Team)

1200 - 1245 The Ageing Voice - 1 (Martin Proctor)

1400 - 1445 Jamulus - 1 (Mark Soave and Richard Curtis)

1500 - 1545 Time with the Judges - 2, repeat of 1 (C&J Team)

1600 - 1645 The Ageing Voice – 2, repeat of 1 (Martin Proctor)

Sunday 7th March 2021

1100-1145 Motor Learning - Programming skills in the brain (Dr. Jenevora Williams)

1200-1245 Acting Through Song (Kirsty Williams)

1400-1445 Introduction to Vocal Health for the voice user (Dr. Jenevora Williams)     

1500-1545 When Performance Works (Kirsty Williams)

1600-1645 Jamulus - 2, repeat of 1 (Mark Soave and Richard Curtis)


Dr. Jenevora Williams

Kirsty Williams

Martin Proctor

Mark Soave

Richard Curtis

C & J Team - Mike Warner, Ed Cox (Music), Rhiannon Owens-Hall (Singing), Helen Warner (Performance)

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Please note, this time the sessions will not be live-streamed to YouTube, so if you want to get involved, you must sign up to earn your entry to the Zoom room. Each session has limited availability so don't miss out. Book your tickets below!

BABS Learn! 2021