A round up from our Director of Music and Education, Dale Kynaston.

So, what did you think of our first BABS Learn! event?

Here are some of the comments we have received from attendees:

“Thank you so much for the invitation to join these BABS Learn sessions which were marvellously informative. I greatly enjoyed them. Now, where’s that pint of water?”

“I joined Al’s excellent session on beginners Music Theory yesterday at midday and it was brilliant – really informative and well delivered and I am looking forward to next Sunday’s second session. Also fascinating to note that there were participants from around the world (well at least Canada but there may well have been others) and so it’s also a great profile-raising exercise for BABS!Congratulations on this excellent #BABSLEARN initiative and thanks to all those educators who have pulled together the sessions.”

“I’ve just come out of Sean Bui’s rather excellent sessions on Vocal Production. On a wider note I would just like to say thank you for an excellently put together and delivered day of learning. It has been great.”

“I just thought I’d drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your BABS sessions on Basic Music Theory. It’s pretty obvious you are used to getting such information across to large numbers of people. Your student have no idea how lucky they are. It was a great experience, covering what for a novice is quite a complicated subject in such a short period of time. The links to both sets of interactive apps/websites are extremely useful and the Lockdown Rhythm sheet was inspired. I know you didn’t write it but you found it and shared it and along with tea, coffee, makes keeping the beat that much easier. I’ve always found myself speeding up after a quaver or semi quaver (when trying to learn music from a piece of paper). Thank heavens for teach tracks. Following along with the music will be much easier from now on. Who knows? I might even master sight reading one of these days.Thank you again for an inspirational couple of sessions.”

Personally, I managed to drop in to each of the session on Sunday the 28th for a short time and I was so very impressed with the content, delivery and level of professionalism demonstrated in each of the sessions. This makes me really proud to be a part of this wonderful association that we belong to and I am excited about planning for BABS Learn! 2,3,4...

I would personally like to thank the following people for accepting my invitation to be a part of the first BABS Learn! Faculty and giving freely of their time and expertise:

Alan Hughes – Beginners Music Theory 1 and 2
Boo de Bruin – Time with the Judges 1 and 2
Helen Warner – Time with the Judges 1 and 2
Jordan Travis – Top 10 Voice Building Tips and Vocal Health
Mike Taylor – Time with the Judges 1 and 2
Mike Warner – Time with the Judges 1 and 2
Sean Bui – Vocal Production 1 and 2
Simon Arnott – Arranging for Beginners 1 and 2

Also, without the following people things would not have looked as professional as they did nor would they have run so very smoothly. Many thanks to them:

Shanna Wells – Marketing and Production
Rob Foot – Production
Simon Degge – Production
Simon Miskin – Social Media

If you missed any of the sessions, as I did, simply go to Youtube and type in BABS Learn and you will find all of the sessions that you can watch, for free, at a time and place most convenient for you. Alternatively, you can find the links to each individual session on the BABS Learn! page.

As always, we welcome your comments on this and future possible BABS Learn! events, so please contact me at [email protected].

Finally, watch this space in the coming weeks for news on Harmony College 2020 Online! We are currently discussing options with the faculty and will release information to you all when we have a definitive prospectus to display.