Attended by around 40 BABS Musical Directors or Assistants, BABS held its first event of 2021, Directors Academy Online
Directors Academy is usually a 2 day event in January and is one of BABS flagship educational events. Places are offered to all front-line MD's absolutely free of charge.
Holding this years' event on line enabled us to have more educators to share their expertise with the BABS directing community. We had three fantastic guests who shared some great tools and techniques with our MD's.
Linda Corcoran, director of the Great Western Chorus of Bristol, she shared some history of the club and then her journey with them. 
Cindy Hansen delivered two sessions which were both thought provoking and inspiring and Greg Clancy, Director of the Vocal Majority chorus from Texas, had everyone captivated while sharing his philosophy around finding your chorus identity and talking about how his chorus, and himself, have developed over the years.
The event proved a great success and we have had some wonderful feedback.
Thank you for this event, which exceeded my expectations.  
Great problem to opportunity conversion by using the enforced virtual format to bring in multiple educators. The interaction was valuable as well as the variety.
Many many thanks for all the work that has gone into this - you have no idea what a life line it is...
All the speakers provided a much-needed injection of positive ideas for the future as we emerge from the current virus gloom and Zoom artificiality 
I'm so glad that I rearranged my day to be part of it - absolutely loved it.
Watch this space for more education coming your way soon at BABS Learn on the 6th and 7th March 2021!