Hey, I'm Oren - award winning singing teacher and inventor of the SOVT Straw.

For those of you who don't yet know me, I'm just a little bit obsessed with an incredible singing technique called SOVT (semi-occluded vocal tract exercises) - also known as "Straw Phonation" and "Water Resistive Technique". Essentially, it's a way of training the voice and the singing muscles to work in the most efficient way possible, by having you make all kinds of sounds through a straw. The technique will help you gain vocal power, develop efficient vocal fold closure, release tension, and sing with ease!

If you're a singer or singing teacher, you might've already heard of SOVT - but you might not know how and why it works so well... So, that's where I come in...

I'll be giving a talk all about SOVT on 19th July at 10.30am LIVE on the BABS Facebook page. We'll take a brief look at the science and theory of the technique, then we'll dive into some amazing practical exercises to help you feel them working for yourself!

The only requirement is that you come prepared with a straw and some kind of water vessel!

See you there!