Oli started singing 10 years ago in his school choir and a cappella group. For his final performance, he sang tenor in a scratch quartet where he and three friends decided to don boaters and sing “just like a barbershop quartet”. How misguided they were. His interest in singing and close harmony continued into university where he formed a quartet with some friends from the UCL A Cappella Group and sang baritone. In 2016 he decided to “do this barbershop thing for real” and joined Capital Chorus where he was asked to sing lead. He had finally found his place in the world.

Since then, Oli has dived head first into the barbershop community, competing in both chorus and quartet contests, attending Harmony College, and even forming a quartet during his year of study abroad. He now sings with Meantime Chorus.

In the real world, Oli works as a court reporter, where he transcribes legal proceedings manually and also edits automatically generated transcripts made by speech-to-text software. Experience that will serve him well as Editor of Harmony Express.