To register online please complete the form below. When completed and checked, click the Register button. This will take you to a Paypal login page where you can either login to your own Paypal account and pay, or click the Guest button where you will be able to pay with your credit card. Your payment will be processed safely and securely by PayPal.

Please see the Quartet Registration Rules click here. If you have any queries please email the Quartet Registrar [email protected]

Notes on Completing the Quartet Registration Form

  1. All quartets are recommended to register, irrespective of whether they intend to compete, as this provides insurance cover for the quartet.
  2. The registration fee of £20 per quartet includes insurance for all quartet members who are also members of a BABS Club registered with Making Music (including Don Amos Club). Associate members are not covered by the quartet insurance scheme.
  3. There is no registration fee payable by past gold medal quartets, who remain on the register in perpetuity. However the quartet must still complete an annual registration form if it wishes to be covered by the quartet insurance policy.
  4. Dates of birth are only required if the quartet may enter for the Seniors or Youth contests or believes it may be eligible for another age related award.
  5. Please ensure the Quartet Registrar is informed promptly of any changes.
  6. The quartet name and contact email address will appear on the BABS website, if requested, even if the quartet is not actively seeking paid engagements.
  7. Quartet register information is held on a computer database. The information it contains is not shared externally unless the quartet has asked to be listed on the BABS website or agreed for its details to be passed to external agents.
  8. All queries relating to insurance should be forwarded to the BABS Director of Administration on [email protected]
  9. QUARTET NAME- a new quartet may not register a name which is the same as, or could be confused with, a name that already exists on the Quartet Register - click here to see the latest list of reserved names 

Click here to register your quartet.

Once registered your quartet will be entered onto the Find A Quartet Near You information.

Useful Documents

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