Welcome to the QuartetCon 2022 site! We are so excited for this years event which is taking place at the Octagon in Sheffield on the 5th and 6th November. Click on the tabs above for more information and to enter your quartet.

BinH Mixed Quartet Contest Winners are The Sharrow Vale Blues!

BABS Youth Quartet Contest Winners are Hot Ticket!

BABS Seniors Quartet Contest Winners are Crown Derby!

BinH Mixed Quartet Results

BABS Youth Quartet Contest Results

BABS Senior Quartet Contest Results

BABS International Seniors Qualifiers Results

BABS National Quartet Preliminary Round Results

The Semi Final Quartet Contest Draw taking place on 29th April 2022:

MW1. Midnight Train
MW2. Return Ticket
1. Diminished Fourth
2. Incline
3. Euphonics
4. Double Bluff
5. Barcode
6. Bagatelle
7. Limelight
8. Northern Quarter
9. Perfect Storm
10. The Brit Pack
11. Silver Street
12. Chromatix
13. Traiblazers
14. Quartessential
15. The Shimmering Bonsai Boys
16. Royal Standard

You can enjoy all the performances from QuartetCon now on YouTube:

BinH Mixed Quartet Contest 

Youth and Seniors Quartet Contest 

National Quartet Prelims