In 2010, Samuel 'Sammo' Woolf accidentally walked into an audition for a contemporary a cappella group with very little singing experience and a thirst for a spicy sharp eleven chord. Since then, he has sang in all sorts of settings around the world, entering the world of barbershop in 2018 where he was tricked into emailing Meantime Chorus in London after a few drinks in Edinburgh with a fantastic Scottish chorus director, who remains responsible for all of Sammo's crimes in barbershop to date. Obtaining the accolade of being the only currently known person in BABS history to have mic-warmed the quartet semi-finals and finals in the same year (2019), Sammo then went on to Ireland  with three other guys to see some bloke named 'Colin' about a doctor (or maybe it was the doctor's monster, it's unclear), walking away with a shiny silver thing that he mistook for a chocolate coin.

In his professional life, Sammo is a full-time pianist, often caught gallivanting around stages with a keytar pretending he has a 'real job'. With post-graduate qualifications in technology and engineering, there's occasional rumours that he knows what he's doing with computers and audio equipment alike. Rest assured that this is not the case; most typing or sound-desk operation is just his impression of a Tyrannosaurus Rex going through a sock drawer.

In his free time, this Jurassic classic likes to make teach tracks for arrangers with delusions of what constitutes a sensible vocal range, produce audio for a cappella groups and raise his fist to the sky, cursing the name of the Scottish chorus director that drank him under a table.