Simon Miskin

[email protected]

Simon is a bit of a barbershop geek but with a difference. The difference being he doesn't sing, never has and for everyone’s sake, never will!

His love of Barbershop stems solely from his wife, Claire, stumbling across a Chorus a little under 10 years ago. Soon the ‘once a week’ hobby became a passion for her which, in turn, rubbed off on him. In the past decade he has had the opportunity to immerse himself in all things Barbershop, attending many varied music events, conventions, contests and even an International finals in the US.

Simon has a degree in Visual Communication and has a strong interest in Graphic design. Outside of his job as an Insurance Broker, he is a dad to two lively, often entertaining, teenagers. He also enjoys trips to the theatre, a good take away and likes to think of himself as a bit of a gin enthusiast.

He really does have an appreciation for the art form and he is fascinated by the multi facetted world of Barbershop. Simon is excited to have this opportunity to get involved with promoting and sharing everything this great organisation has to offer.