Sing2022 29th April to 1st May 2022

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Q: When is the event taking place?

A: Friday 28th to Sunday 30th May 2021

Q: As a quartet/chorus, we want to submit a video, but don’t know how to make one!

A: The easiest way is to ask another chorus/quartet whose video you like to see how they produced their content. You can also get in touch with us to recommend reliable media editors we know are familiar with the genre. Also, there is an enormous library of tutorials out there in places like Youtube (and other platforms) that likely have the answers you need immediately available for free.

Q: Are there any restrictions on audio editing, like Autotune, or Melodyne?

A: You can edit your vocals electronically to your heart’s content, but bear in mind that if you’re not careful, it’s possible to make it sound worse. For best results, contact us for advice, or consult a professional vocal editor (yes, they exist!)

Q: I can’t afford all this fancy equipment to make a video!

A: Nowadays, you can make a simple video for free using your phone camera and microphone as a minimum. We recommend Audacity as a free audio program to record your audio and DaVinci Resolve as a free video editing program. The learning curve can be a little steep, but the putting in the time and effort to make your videos look good will last forever! For the more adventurous users, we recommend Bandlab as an online collaborative audio tool for recording music together. If you’re going to involve a professional, try and talk to them as early in the process as possible to guarantee your best final results (i.e, before you start recording/filming!)

Q: Can I submit more than one video?

A: For the Daytime Showcases, please only submit one unreleased video per chorus/quartet. For the Audience Choice 2021, please only submit one video per chorus/quartet. For the BABS Video Awards, please only submit one video per chorus/quartet for any given category. This means that you can submit up to 10 videos for the BVAs, provided they’re all for different categories! You can even submit the same video for different categories, but please bear in mind that we reserve the right to reject any submissions not deemed suitable or appropriate to the categories they’ve been submitted to. Also, if there are too many submissions, we will shortlist based on the decision of a small, impartial team of judges.

Q: I’m so confused, what do I submit?

A: Daytime Showcases - One previously unreleased video per chorus/quartet.

BABS Video Awards - One video per chorus/quartet released after the 23rd of March 2020 per category (you can submit the same video to multiple categories) that isn’t your Daytime Showcase video.

Audience Choice 2021 - One video per chorus/quartet that isn’t your Daytime Showcase video.

You can also submit photos/videos/audio for the In Memoriam segment, a selfie/photo if you received a Long Service Award and a recording for the closing polecat, “It’s All About You”.

Q: I want to submit a video, but not everyone in it is a BABS member.

A: All Male Choruses and Quartets, as well as Mixed Choruses must be BABS registered Choruses/Quartets. For Mixed and Female Quartets, as long as you have at least 2 full paying BABS members (i.e, you are not granted your membership for free through another institution such as SAI or LABBS), you are eligible to submit for any of the Quartet events for which you meet the criteria.

Q: But I want to release my chorus/quartet video for the Daytime Showcases on my own Youtube channel!

A: And we wholeheartedly respect that. We will be releasing your videos on the BABS channel immediately after the events have aired, so your content will be made available immediately for you to share, much like any other convention performance. If you would like to release it on your own platform as well, we just ask that you wait to do so until after it has aired on Sing 2021.

Q: What’s the deadline for the submissions?

A: Friday 9th April 2021!