Update regarding customers who have purchased Sing2020 tickets

All those people who have placed a booking for registrations and show tickets have been contacted, via email, offering them three options:

  1. Roll forward their purchased registrations/show tickets to 2021- new badges will be issued
  2. Donate the value of the purchases to BABS - this will support the aims and objectives of BABS
  3. Request a full refund

They have been asked to complete an online form with their decision so that it can be processed.

In making that decision, please note the following:

  • If Choosing to roll forward: 2021 Registration and show tickets pricing will be held at the 2020 rates. T&C's will be date adjusted accordingly. Names of club group bookings will be updated spring 2021 at no charge.
  • If choosing a donation: BABS will be able to claim gift aid where applicable.
  • If choosing a refund: Refunds will be completed as quickly as possible, but please be patient, as these are only able to be processed by one person- our Finance Director.

Derek Parmenter
BABS Director of Events

Further information will be added as soon as it becomes available.

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