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Here you will find a raft of useful information including documents and music to download as well as general BABS Business Information. More information will be added once we have seen what is required by our members.

Published Arrangements

Barbershop Harmony Society

You can only purchase an arrangement from BHS if they have cleared it for sale in the UK. The countries are shown by clicking on the ‘Additional Information’ button.


Please note that the discount only applies to printed sheet music and cannot be used for downloaded music !!

BABS Harmony Store – we have a library of 17 published arrangements, along with a songbook of 12 published arrangements entitled ‘Songs for Special Occasions’.

Direct from music publishers. Companies such as Hal Leonard and Music Sales have some published music arrangers. Try searching on Amazon.

Remember – every member of your group must have an original copy of your music, and you must check that the published arrangement has copyright clearance for the UK.

Internet (online) Music Retailers This company has links with Hal Leonard and has the largest catalogue of Barbershop music outside of BHS. They offer special deals to music teachers and chorus directors with vouchers and an 8% discount if you sign up.

Sheetmusicdirect Also linked to Hal Leonard has an annual ‘PASS’ offer which gives up to 50% off the cost of sheet music.

JW Pepper Generally more expensive than the above two sources.

Unpublished arrangements

Barbershop Harmony Society

Similar terms as shown above under published arrangements

More and more of the BHS catalogue is being published by internet retailers. It is worthwhile checking the retailers as they often have better pricing and shipping costs than BHS.

BABS – we have a library of unpublished arrangements by British arrangers, including many by the late, great Steve Hall.

Direct from arrangers – there are many barbershop arrangers all over the world who hold a back-catalogue of arrangements that are for sale. Some of the most popular arrangers, especially UK arrangers, are listed below:

Simon Arnott (UK)

Nick Bryant (UK)

Mark Burnip (UK)

Richard Curtis (UK)

Paul Davies (UK)

Ben Ferguson (UK)

Liz Garnett (UK)

Sam Hubbard (UK)

Alex Kaiserman (UK)

Aaron Dale (USA)

Tom Gentry (USA)

David Harrington (USA)

David Wright (USA)

Clay Hine (USA)

New Arrangements

Many barbershop arrangers are happy to accept commissions. It is worth trying any of the arrangers listed under sources of music to see if they would be willing to create a custom arrangement for you.

Remember, when commissioning an arrangement, you must ensure that you have permission from the UK Copyright Holder to have it arranged, and to perform it. Some arrangers will ask for an ‘Agreement in Principle’ from the UK Copyright Holder before they begin work.

This involves finding the copyright owner(s) (as above) and filling in company forms and at some stage providing a copy for proof reading. They will check with anyone involved in the copyright chain and may request changes before issuing a contract of ownership and fees. Note that getting new arrangement contracts with the main companies above can be quite costly. Hal Leonard charge a minimum of £ 100 +VAT. Faber and Alfred charge a minimum of around £ 50 + VAT.

Medleys are often very complicated and costly especially if the songs used are from different rights owners.

Advice to arrangers

Before embarking on putting a new arrangement to the rights people above, it is worthwhile checking a new application that came out in 2019 called Arrangeme This is an innovation by Hal Leonard and other copyright owners with one of the largest online music retailers you can find up to date information here

They have put together a system for arrangers to publish their arrangements and there are close to 2 million songs in the system - and it is still growing.

The system is really very easy.

  • Search for the song (make sure it is by the correct songwriter as there are many songs with the same title)
  • Once you have found the right song, the copyright can be found by clicking the name of the song and a box comes up with the words you need on your manuscript. The copyright must be on your music at the bottom of page 1 that you upload for approval.
  • Upload a copy of the arrangement and (often) within 48 hours it will be available for purchase via Sheetmusicplus .
  • It is best to keep the price to the minimum of $ 1.89 (in my view).

Reminder – every member of your group must have an original copy of your music, and you must ensure that the arrangement has copyright clearance for the UK.