Time to Sing

Have you ever wanted to learn to sing?

It doesn't matter if you have never sung before - we can teach you the basics of singing four part harmony - and it's FREE. The basis of our Learn To Sing Harmony courses is teaching men (minimum age 16) to sing in harmony. You do NOT need to read music - all you really need is the ability to hold a tune and sing a note when it is played to you. There is more to it than that obviously, but we will teach you how to use the natural apparatus in your body to produce a clear resonant sound and using the correct breathing techniques to sustain that sound.

We will also teach you in this singing course how to sing in close harmony - your voice may be best suited to singing the melody line, but you may be better at singing the harmony part, in which case we will teach you how to sing in harmony with the melody. We will provide you with all the learning materials you need.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of our singing courses please send an email to Peter Bryant, BABS Director of Membership on [email protected]

If you are interested in running a course during the SingSeptember campaign contact [email protected]