Yvonne was introduced to the world of Barbershop in 1985 when Peter Hughes (her husband) joined The Anvil Chorus and she has attended every BABS Convention since 1998 when Alan Hughes (her son) sang at his first competitive Convention with the Telfordaires (whilst piloting an aeroplane). 
For several years she was the only non-singing member of the family (Katy, her daughter, sang with Cheshire Chord Company) until she finally decided that “if you can’t beat them, join them” and for a short time sang with Second City Sound. 
She has been an official, certified member of the Contest Administration Team since 2017 (although she had helped them at Conventions and Prelims for several years before then). 
After certifying she became the Mixed Chorus Contest Manager and she is the current Quartet Contest Manager. 
As a Contest Manager she liaises with the Events Director, Convention Manager and Membership Secretary as well as contestants, to organise all the administrative aspects of contests, and communicate all of the information needed to contestants.
In 2019 she became the Assistant Director for the Contest Administration Team.