BABS Structure

BABS is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, regulated by the Charity Commission. The Trustees, who are all board Directors, are BABS members who are volunteers and don't receive any remuneration. The objects of the Charity are to further the education of the general public in any and all aspects of Barbershop Harmony and singing in the Barbershop Harmony style. The elected Directors manage the day-to-day running of the association and report twice a year to BABS Council.

BABS Clubs are not members of the Charity but may nominate individuals to become BABS Council Members. Each Club shall nominate, from among their BABS Club members, the number of individuals specified below to be admitted as Members of the Charity:

  • Where the Registered Barbershop Harmony Club has up to and including 20 BABS Club members: one individual aged 16 or over
  • Where the Registered Barbershop Harmony Club has 21 to 40 BABS club members: two individuals aged 16 or over
  • Where the Registered Barbershop Harmony Club has 41 to 60 BABS Club members: three individuals aged 16 or over

and so on, with one Council Member for each 20 BABS Club members at any one BABS Club.

A 'BABS Club member' means a member of a BABS Club, who has paid their annual subscription to BABS through that Club

To see a list of current BABS Council Members, please click below

BABS Council Members

If you would like to change your Council Members, please fill in the form below. (please note, only forms completed by Chairs, Secretaries, or current Council Members will be accepted)

Council Member Nomination Form

Board Directors and Trustees

"Nominated" Directors are co-opted onto the Board until they can be formally elected at the next AGM.

  • Chair - Shanna Wells
  • Vice Chair - Matthew Cawthorne
  • Director of Administration - Alistair Lamyman
  • Director of Finance (nominated) - Rae Williams
  • Director of Marketing - Peter Bryant
  • Director of Membership & Engagement - Calvin Laverick
  • Director of Music & Education - Simon Arnott
  • Director of Events - Simon Lubkowski
  • Non-Executive Director - Derek Parmenter

Members' Meetings

The AGM is usually held in March. The Autumn Members' Meeting (AMM) is usually held in September.


Through the BABS partnership with Making Music, all full member clubs and its members, automatically receive insurance that is specially for singing organisations. Your club committee will have a copy of the policy.

Child and Young Persons Protection Policy

It is a mandatory requirement that all clubs have a Child and Young Person Protection Policy. The purpose is to provide protection to young people under18. Your club will have a copy of the document or you can download a PDF copy from the Document Centre.

A Charitable Incorporated Organisation | Registered Charity No: 1080930 | 29-30 Fitzroy Square, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6LQ
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